Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Alberta Electricity's old boys club.

This Government is blatant in their manipulations to throw huge profit to their old boys club.

ENMAX wanted to build a new gas fired generation plant at Calgary to supply Calgary, Southern Alberta and export surplus to Montana and thence by grid to California. The Montana to Lethbridge lines are being built now.

ENMAX endorsed what we all have been saying, the new power lines are not needed for Alberta demands.

The Government has put the kill on the ENMAX project while opening the door to further generation in the north the more recent attention being given to Bruce Power and their Peace River plan.

This is not a new game for these guys; they are in reality not unlike a one trick dog.

About a dozen years ago now, Fording Coal were going to build a power plant at Brooks Alberta. They planned to a hook up with Langdon and were going to supply the power lines to Southern Alberta.

They were faced with a large environmental protest which was backed by the Alberta Conservative Government. Mean while TransAlta made a huge stand to discredit the need for such a build and the plant plan was defeated.

Back to the present and we have Trans Alta front and center against ENMAX . Same actions different plant.

ATCO's Peter Laugheed at one point said that ATCO were getting out of building pipelines because they only paid cost plus 10% where as power lines paid cost plus 15%, a better deal.

The Government wants to include generation in the north to allow the tar sands to export their surplus power to the US. Bruce Power do not market their power, they only build and run the plants.

The bottom line is Multi Billions of taxpayer dollars are going to be directed to the old boys club gain and, there is nothing we can do about it.

Even so called old school conservatives must be shaking their heads now.
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