Friday, December 25, 2009

Alberta Power Exports may soon be no more!

The US is backing 18 billion dollars in loans to build new nuclear power plants in the US.  Through a  program of lies and deceit this Government is managing to miss the boat on the coveted power exports to the US. 

They are fumbling the chance for much needed nuclear generation in Alberta and have alienated the population by their  plans to have Alberta Consumers pay for all the power lines used to export power.

While they are chasing their tails the US is bringing on more Generation.

Just a few years ago, the US published they were going to need 70,000 MW of new generation by the year 2020.  Recently they have said there is about 50,000 MW of generation built or being built leaving only 20,000 MW of power to be acquired.

Alberta's grid is about 13,000 MW; and idea of size for comparison while Saskatchwan is at about 2900 MW

Ontario and Quebec are ramping up their Generation, Nuclear and otherwise to meet this prefect market.

New power lines are being built between Lethbridge and Montana.  This will join the grid to push power into California, the big market place.

Alberta, because of really bad management  is going to miss this market.

Some of you may laugh but that simply means we will be importing US nuclear generated power into Alberta to light our homes at double what you are paying now!
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