Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Who pays for Alberta's 8 billion dollar transmission?

We all know that we, the consumers in Alberta will pay for the lines. But, I'm asking how many times over do we have to pay for them?

There are 2 million households in Alberta. AESO is telling us our power bills will go up 8 dollars per month to pay for the the new DC lines.

That is 16 million dollars per month going to the power companies and to the people who build and maintain the power lines. I would like to know how this 8.00 is split between the two.

192 million dollars per year out of our pockets. Over 10 years, 1.92 billion dollars.
According to these figures it will be over 40 years at 8.00 per month to pay this off but, by that time we will be paying forever!

Consider that last year TransAlta utilities had a bumper year with huge profits. They explained these profits as being the product of the high electric rates being paid in Western Canada.

This province cannot afford any more corporate welfare. We certainly cannot afford the Conservatives!
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