Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Alberta's new 8 billion dollar DC power line

Alberta is promoting their new 8 billion dollar DC power line. It is worth some discussion that is not coming out of Government.

First off, the cost of the power line is no where near 8 billion dollars! The towers are smaller, and not nearly so high as the AC towers. On the plus side DC does away with most of the "noise" and "radiation" assocated with high tension power lines which are mostly AC current. It would be my personal choice for transmission.

In order to put power onto a DC transmission line it first must be converted to DC. This, is expensive and wheter or not the cost is in the domain of the power companies and should be treated as an investment is for the public to decide.

When the DC power is taken off the line into a city grid as an example, it must be converd back to AC. Again, expensive and, who should pay?

The conversion is done by very large transducers; the larger version of that apparatus that tunes your television and a great numer of other applications.

Power will have to be converted to AC again to export it to the US; still another expence which appears will be carried by the Alberta consumers.

This Government has not told the truth about anything since they got elected the first time! Surly even the hard core Conservatives must be weary of being duped.
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