Sunday, June 14, 2009

Alberta Health Care-Taken into a US system.

Mr. Liepert tells us health care is a business when asked why he is cutting services to make room for private insurance coverage. Increases in the Blue Cross rates are still another step (in his words) to make the rates more reflective of private health coverage.

You can read out future by watching the US debate on health care. The US politic refers to the Canadian Health care system as being "the Soviet System". Mr. Obama struggling to put the ground work down for universal coverage in the US is defensive when he tells the US the Alberta Health care is dysfunctional producing long line ups of waiting.

He takes no effort in explaining to the population that this is brought about by budget manipulations. Basically; create a problem through short funding and present the cure as privatization.

What Mr. Obama didn't have to say is in the US people loose all their health care coverage when they loose their jobs. What he didn't say is in the US the hospitals are quick to have to sign and notarize a lien on your property before you get access to treatment.

Public hospitals in the US are for "Indigent People who have no insurance and no chattel (house to mortgage)."

Ron Liepert is not the author of these destructive Conservative policies. He is the point man delivering them for the Conservative organization of which Harper is a part of.
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