Friday, July 18, 2008

Alberta to be a Major Exporter of Power to the USA

We all remember the outright lies of the past dozen or more months. “The power lines being built are not for the purpose of export of electricity” was shouted loud and clear by our “honest” politicians in Alberta.

At the crux of the issue is “Should Albertans pay for the power lines built to export electrical power?”

For proportion:
Alberta consumes 70,000 GW of Electrical Power in a year. Up-graders and oil project expansion will increase that to 100,000 Gwh.(Billions) (Lowball figure) or 240 Mwh per day.(Millions)

Nuclear Power in Peace River is expected to furnish part of the increase.

Applications to export power to the United States are now filed.
ENMAX - 11,000 Gwh per year over 10 Years.

Aquila – 10,000 Gwh per year over 10 years

Royal Bank of Canada – 4830 Gwh per year over 10 years

AVISTA -50,000 mwh per year over 10 years.

And, the list goes on.

EPCOR – 1200 Gwh per year over 10 years.

On the surface it would seem that EPCOR and ENMAX have an arrangement for EPCOR to keep the province accounts and ENMAX take the export market.
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