Thursday, July 17, 2008

Alberta Carbon Sequester Program-or not

Not all carbon sequester is equal! Mostly it will end up by design as being still another bonus to oil companies and the Tory elite.

Carbon Dioxide can be used as a solvent to free up or thin out oil trapped in shale formations (or any other formation as far as that goes) making the oil thinner so it is much easier to recover.
This is the case in Weyburn Saskatchan which has been doing this for a couple of years. As it stands the operators in Weyburn do not know where the carbon dioxide they pump down the hole goes to. It is acknowledged a large percentage of it come back out of the hole saturated in or adjacent to the oil which is freed up. Effervescent oil?

What percentages, no one knows. Where it ends up even partially; they are still looking.

Stelmach and company would have us believe he is out to save the world. Certainly you know him better than this; just about everything that comes out of his mouth is an outright lie.

Look to the announcements of pipelines going to the south and southeast. This is the territory of the huge shale oil deposits which will require a huge amount of carbon dioxide along with horizontal drilling to get the oil out. Most of it will be on the US side where the majority of the oil is. (Map at the start Bakken Formation)

The US is at a disadvantage in starting projects like this. Different states and the feds must agree. Alberta owns the resource to the Government can just say “do it” and, it is on the way to being done.

Pipelines are being built to the south east and North Dakota who now sells Weyburn their clean carbon dioxide is looking closer to home.

When Getty shows up with his hand out you have to believe it is still another rip off!

John Clark
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