Thursday, July 24, 2008

Alberta sells the farm!

Alberta is raiding the USA for their H1B workers. What is a US H1B worker?
W hat is a h1b worker permit? Like a green card but faster and easier.

To qualify, the visa holders must work in a profession in which Alberta foresees a labor crunch. The list includes computer and information systems engineers and managers.

Stelmach can’t sell this province out fast enough by sending the higher paying jobs south on pipelines. They are advertising all over the world for bodies; any body. Full spreads of ads in places like Namibia “Alberta wants you”

Now the USA are starting to wake up and people are citing their government for lack of action in not providing H1B workers and green card workers with full citizenship. It is these people Alberta is trying to bring in with the promise of full citizenship in Canada.

In a few years the oil will be gone and we will have a ruined landscape in place of what was once a resource. We are being robbed at 19% royalty and despite the run on jobs right now, our future looks real bleak!

So much for your kids dream jobs when they graduate!
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