Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Alberta: Don't speak ill of the devil!

Mr. Ronald Edward Labelle 57, goes to gaol while the judge says “You threatened violence against the premier.” And continued to say “Politicians must be able to serve the public without fear of harm.”

If this Government was representing the people of this province instead of the Oil Industry this wouldn’t have happened. At point here the Judge was in error. This Government is not serving the public! At best, they are self serving. At worst they are thieves and bandits stripping our resources while getting less than 1/10 their value from their buddies.

The outright lies and deceit this Government practices is all okay according to this Judge.

And why not? The RCMP cannot investigate the blatant insider trading in oil stocks by members of the Alberta Government and Oil Companies unless they get approval from the Alberta Attorney General. That is not going to happen. The judges are under a similar restriction when it comes to Alberta law.

Saddled with a useless opposition, what recourse does a person have?

I think Stelmach has a bad conscience, knowing full well he is ripping us off and is acting in a very defensive manner.

John Clark.
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