Friday, February 15, 2008

Stelmach tough on crime? I don't think so.

Is he going to start to publish the results of Government bids and show all the bids along side the insiders he gives the contracts to? In Alberta now, they know who is getting the contract before they put it out! They won’t change.

Is he going to change the Freedom of Information program to allow a full and honest review of Government polices? I think not.

These guys are the biggest crooks! Is he going to take the seals off the court on the West Edmonton Mall fiasco? I think not.

Is he going to divulge the details on the Firestorm rip off? I think not.

Is he going to post the list of people who flipped the power purchase agreements and check for improprieties? I think not.

Perhaps this is the lynch pin for private prisons?

Eddie and the crew were a part of all of these debacles. No one is exempt. After 14 years to lies and deceit, nothing has changed.

John Clark
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