Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Conservative Plan to Fix Health Services

It takes 9 years to put a physician into private practice!

Alberta’s health care problem is short funding as it has always been. The plans have always been the same; destabilize then privatize.

Stelmach opted to secretly cut our revenue from royalties by 84 million dollars a day. (Dropping royality to 19%) This was done to prop up oil companies profits when the US dollar fell; it had nothing to do with their operational securities! That is 84 million a day he doesn’t have to put into other programs. Health Care is only one example.

It is not a far reach to say they have cut money to Capital Health in order to prop up oil profits!

University seats go to foreign students because these students pay multi thousands of dollars more for a lecture hall slot at a university than does an Albert student. Universities need the cash!

These foreign graduates go back to their homes to practice, they seldom stay in Alberta.

Stelmach has put up a smoke and mirrors royalty proposal that returns nothing to the Alberta revenue base! He has found a way to subsidize the oil up grader plants through a fiscal “payment in kind of crude” which can be 90% of the royalty further shorting the revenue into Alberta.

A shallow numbers game! More lies and misconceptions!

These guys have lied their way into the past 3 elections. Hold them accountable now!
Remember they were elected to a Majority Government last time getting only 23% of the Alberta Vote!

John Clark
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