Thursday, February 07, 2008

Conservative Plan to Save Alberta - Water

Further privatize the water in Alberta.


The rivers are going dry, quickly as the glaciers recede at record speeds. This leaves the ground water; the aquifer as being our primary source of water. Much of the water rights for this aquifer have been given to Coca Cola, Calgary Malting and others in the Agra Food Industries.

The conservatives were unhappy with the hearings held by the Privy Council of Canada which ruled that bulk water exports were not covered under NAFTA and gave notice to the Privy Council the Conservatives were taking up a legal challenge to make it acceptable to export bulk water to the US.

Placing the water firmly in the hands of private companies makes it very easy to escalate the price of water to the residential consumers. Prices for water service will be levied by the pipeline companies. A bill for the water combined with a bill for the transmission of water if you like. The water analogy for electricity is applicable in more than one discipline.

Bottom line; your costs are going to go up by 10 times almost, overnight.

The kicker here is the oil up graders planned will use more water than all the residential housing but, will get it for nothing.

John Clark
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