Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Alberta Conservatives give lists of favors bought.

The release of the document “Alberta Blue Book of expenditures shows just how this Government pays and pays their friends as in dropping cash into their pockets with no other reason than they are perceived as being a “voting block”

$24.5 billion of the $35 billion dollar budget was handed out with no explanation.

I have said before and will continue to say “It is difficult to tell the difference between the Alberta Conservative Government and Organized Crime”

Meanwhile seniors and thoes less privilaged live in degredation and hard ship and ordinary citizens cannot keep up to their electricity and fuel bills.

Scott Hennig, of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, was reacting to the release of the government 2007 Blue Books on Monday, a 1,000 page line-by-line account of all capital spending and operating grants. The list, although online for the first time, is virtually useless to the pubic, said Hennig. Unlike its federal counterpart, the government doesn’t link the list to explanations of why spending was necessary.

Further details in the Edmonton Sun which, is putting out some really good news now-days.

John Clark
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