Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Stage is set to do away with electricity cost protection!

Further subsidies in the form of electricty for the oil industry!

Electricity article shows the shape and size of the electrical supply problem facing this province.

Not explained in the article is who pays and what is the power needed for.

The Atomic plant in the birthing stages in Whitecourt is needed to supply the oil up-graders and tar sands with electrical power. It is not needed for general population use in that area but the general population, you and I will be expected to pay for the generation and the transmission on our utility bills.

No plans for “user pays” for the Conservative friends.

The same article explains the dilemma of wind generation. Only dependable when the wind blows and we need the power. Otherwise the power is wasted to earth.

There is an on going plan for a power plant at Blue River Alberta. This is large enough to double the power supply of Alberta and the design is chiefly for export of power to the US while the home owners pay for them on their utility bills.

The power upgrades to Genesee and the subsequent up grade of the power grid is very expensive. The expense is needed, again to supply the new oil up grader plants with electrical power.

You and I pay for these costs on our utility bills.

The conservative “equalization” program for electrical power serves the oil industry more than it does the home owners in this province.

Presently home owners are protected from higher costs of electricity by Government rebates. Such “protection” is paid for by the tax base and as such maintains the subsidy for the power companies.

This article sets the stage for Stelmach’s Conservatives to very seriously mess with this limited protection and to essentially do away with it.

John Clark
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