Thursday, June 07, 2007

Bureaucrats run amuck in Alberta.

Punitive Taxation in Alberta:

Alberta Health and Wellness decided we are all dumb and negligent and installed a costly process for getting a replacement health card. When interviewed they said the Health Care Card is important and this will encourage you not to loose it again.

The drill:
Copy your drivers licence or other, specific ID.
Fill out Statutory Declaration on Replacement of Alberta Personal Health Card
Have the Declaration signed by a public Notary or a commissioner of oaths.

This only applies if you have lost 5 cards over the course of your lifetime.
Beware of your wallet in a wash machine.

Cost to you will be half a day lost work and 15 bucks for the signature.

On the other hand when I lost my wallet on a plane I reported it immediately. They said thanks. Months later when I received by AHC expense statement it showed a series of large expences in Toronto. I reported this to AHC and they told me not to worry it was okay. No effort was made for a follow up!

Very selective. Some one had what seemed a good idea once and it is in for all time.

This is a bureaucracy run amuck!!!!!

John Clark

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