Friday, June 15, 2007

Alberta schools on the block!

The Government’s 3P plan for building schools has little or no chance of succeeding as favorable to the taxpayer. It does however bring us a step closer to totally privatizing the school buildings.

In most 3P projects to date, the cities and governments involved have had to buy back the project after a short period of time. It appears to me to be still another way of shuttling cash into buddies’ pockets by this Government.

What do you think the chances are for an open and public process? My guess is the deal has already been made.

Liepert said consolidating the design and bundling the construction will "definitely" cost less than building the schools as one-off projects.

One reason is that the final price will be locked in when the contract is signed, he said. That means the contractor, not the taxpayer, will assume the risk of cost escalations due to inflation, he said.
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