Thursday, December 12, 2013


A holiday break away from politics.  Protect the consumers.
I  had the need to replace a tried and proven remote starter and by a series of defaults I ended up at "Visions".

I told the man what I needed; and he recommended the AUTOSTART  Model as-23TW-FM-V

This unit is said to have 3500 feet of effective communication.


From the center of a store to the Handicap area- No Response.

From the Doorway of the same store to the rear (not back) of their parking lot.  NO RESPONSE.
There was a dozed snowbank in the area.

What is it good for by default.  From your living room to your street side!

VISIONs who guarantee the world said they should have recommended the unit that was good for 1 mile.  Good for a mile when 3500 feet wont cover a block?? And it would cost me another 700 dollars to fix this oversight!

Fast and loose with number I would say.

My recommendations:  Stay away from Visions for remote car starters.
                                 : Stay clear of AUTOSTART!

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