Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Alberta Conservatives turn health care back still another notch!

Using industry figures 75% of people over 60 will develop cataracts!.  Up until very recently there was only one type of lens which could be used for optimal success.

Unfortunately if one has Astigmatism (35% of the population) that part of the treatment had to remain an eyeglass prescription.

Now, a new development is the ACR Sof  IQ  TORIC lens.

This sweetheart will also fix the Astigmatism encountered by 35 percent of the population.  However the patient has to pay 1000 dollars per lens to cover extra time and costs (procedure said to take 15 mins) Patient will still need reading glasses.

What the Conservative have done is eliminate 35% of the population from health care coverage for lens replacements for cataracts!.   This even though it is the only common sense solution to the problems.  This is not an "upgrade" of the service..It is now a common necessity.  Seniors take another beating again relegated to 2nd class citizenship; again.

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