Sunday, December 16, 2012

Alberta's Power line scheme explained

Alberta citizens do not need new power line!  Look around you!  The oi industry needs power lines to export their surplus power to the US.  You may recall Syncrude worrying about getting caught up in a court case in California when the latter was suing suppliers for overcharging electricity.

Foremost exporting power to the US has a jurisdictional hurdle to get over.  If Alberta admits the power is for export the Feds have jurisdiction over what rates are charged and can take revenue from the export.  The whole scenario is being set up to keep the Fed out of the power lines.   This Conservative dance is going to cost you 40 to 80 dollars per household in costs on your electrical bill and industry will pay between 150 and 500.00 on their power bills.

There is no chance of new industry coming to this province having the highest cost of living in North America if not the world!

However, there is exciting new technology in Nuclear Power Plants.  They are small scale, called Micro or Mini plants that produce 1000 megawatts of power.  (Standard Nuclear plants are built in batteries of 2000 megawatts per unit)  Couple this with the enclosure design that recirculates its water in a cooling building and you have a winner.   

This is the future of power generation in the tar sands!  They need to reach the US with their surplus power. And, the Conservative and Wild Rose party want the current consumers to pay for it all.   Minister Ron Liepert acknowledged as much when he said "Nuclear is in Alberta's Future"  when talking of power needs in the oil patch.

Beyond read is the current game:

The conservatives turned the power over to the cities to use as an indirect taxation resource and they are sure going to town on it. The more money the cities need the higher your power will go.  Here is how it effects you immediately:

Recently I changed my ENMAX (Far less expensive than EPCOR and their add-on) account from.08 contract to market at.055 a huge savings for me!

ENMAX did a number of things important to look at.

They increased their market rate to.09 per kWh overnight referring to it as "their offering" rather than the flow through rate. Because I was a long time customer (they said) they offered me my old rate .08 per Kwh or 8.00 per Mwh if I signed back up. Access to the market prices is a total farce and will stay that way until the price of gas actually skyrockets! 

When I jumped to market it was effective at the end of the current billing period. When they I signed back up at.08 it was effective immediately. If nothing else it proves there is no such thing as a flow through rate in this province!

I spent 15 min on the phone with their representative on legalese 
 recording answers to a number of questions about did I know what I was doing. Included in this was a caution out front that ENMAX were not responsible for increases in power line and transmission rates.

There is only 1 cure for this! Get rid of this Government! Don't bother with the WRP they are totally on side.

This Government is planning price increases on your electricity starting immediately in the new year.  They will probably start into increases at 2 cents per Kwh.   If you elect them again you will find you are hit with rapid increases of up to 15 or 20 cents per kwh!  The new DC lines are really; really expensive! 

There are close to 2 million households in Alberta.
For 2 cents raise in power or lines each home will pay 18.00 a month more!
Corporations will rake in 36 million dollars a month!

That is another 4 hundred million dollars a year (for 20 years or more) they are going to rip out of your pockets! You have every right to get definitive answers; settle for nothing less!

After the election you are looking at a 400 million dollar a year rip off for which you receive nothing!

The cure for this? Get rid of them!
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