Friday, December 28, 2012

Alberta and BC plans to ship LNG are an expensive farce.

Five years ago, the Price of Natural gas was 15.00 per Gj.  US Today it is 3 dollars and falling. There is no recovery in sight. For this reason ENMAX set about building an electrical  generating facility in Calgary, gas operated.
During this 15 dollar a GJ time, there was a great deal of gas and even more markets!  Yet, we were told that shipping LNG was not profitable. 
The Petroleum Industry is saying they can make a few cents at 2.34 US per GJ only if  the taxpayer of these provinces pay for all the infrastructure and much of the overhead expense.  Gas is expected to drop to 2.50 or lower this summer!
Alberta's  conventional oil has peaked! It is expected to be half of what it is today within 5 years.
Between the royal years of high gas and oil prices we have not one cent to show as a province. Instead, the Conservative Government has siphoned off our Heritage Trust fund taking more than 70 billion dollars from it and  has been using municipal pension funds for Government financing; has reduced our oil royalty to zero and has been discounting our oil on the market at a flat 30% off!  for the past 15 years.
The only chance we have is in a real opposition party to take over! The Wild Rose party are part of the problem along with the Liberals in BC.  The Liberals, are entirely in tune with the Conservatives and the Republicans in the US.  My guess is it is the US Republicans who are calling the shots.  
Here is your breakdown of the Political Parties in this province!

The Conservatives are following the plan laid down by Ralph Klein. They haven't deviated from it at all, regardless of who stands up as premier! This is why their current tour asking public opinion about health care is worth nothing andwill change nothing; it never has.   

The Wild Rose Party was/is a small right wing group of extremists who caught the Oil Industry eye. Harper supported them totally throwing his seasoned election types into the WRP as managers during the elections.
The Wild Rose have worked on their extreme positions for years constantly deluding the people in the LDS church prevalent across southern Alberta. Their cornerstone is doing away with the Balance of payments program and they deliberately ignore Alberta's experience with the program. Their argument is now and always has been "the oil belongs to the oil companies; left wing types are trying to take it away"
Alberta received equalization payments until 1947 and again from 1957 to 1965. We got our share of the program when we needed it! It is a Canadian solution so both Harper and the WRP want to end it.
The Wild Rose Party muddies the water by saying the equalization payments were not started until years later. That in itself is true but, this does not change the fact Alberta survived on payments from Ottawa for a great many years before they named it Equalization payments .
They also sight the Chase Manhattan Bank as being the great Canadian Savior by
saving us from the evil eastern banks of the day. One does not have to wonder about their
Oil and Harper supported them on the net and in finances and bannered them as the Ugly Sister of Conservative politics. It worked! We now have a total circus of nutters for an official opposition.
The Alberta Party is still lurking in the background having no policy or platforms saying they will be whatever Albertans want them to be. Always taking studies and never committing. They too have the interest of the oil industry and will be left extremists depending on what is needed to destabilize the vote in Alberta.
As in no time before us, it is imperative the Liberals and the NDP start working together! A vote for the Alberta Party is beyond uniformed; it is dangerous!
Albertans are led to believe a change in Government will damage their employment and careers. Nothing could be further from the truth!
With our additional 42 billions dollars in our economy the employment would be better with far more choices and having a massive support for education and health care.
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