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Alberta: Putting aside the fear, what do we have?

Putting aside the fear of change; what do we have? 

Mostly, we have a population that is terrified their hard work and meager savings will be jeopardized if the Conservatives are voted out!  Not selfish; understandably, just terribly afraid.  I will demonstrate nothing is further from the truth!  It is better to have any party who is willing to serve the people of Alberta as opposed to the Conservatives who have demonstrated for more than a decade their purpose is to rip off the resource leaving nothing behind!

Your lives and your profits can only increase!  When most of that 46 billion dollars of stolen revenue gets back into our books a great number of things are possible!  A much better life for everyone including the oil patch, catering, Hair Dressers, tailors, Automotive; Education and the Oil Patch!  Everyone!

To take a closer look:

The Wild Rose Party was/is a small right wing group of extremists who caught the Oil Industry eye and finance support.  Harper supported them totally throwing his seasoned election types into the WRP as managers during the elections.  We now have a total circus of nutters for an official opposition!

The Wild Rose Party and the oil companies have pushed their cause forward by deluding the large LDS (Mormon) following in Southern Alberta with some really hare-brained ideology not the least of which is "the oil companies own the oil and left wing parties are trying to steal it from them".   Next, like Harper, they have pushed hard on the equalization payment; a Canadian solution to our national well being saying "Alberta has always paid for Eastern Canada and we get nothing in return."  ' plays well with the stealing of the oil companies oil.

Alberta received equalization payments from conception until  1947 and again from 1957 to 1965.  We got our share of the program when we needed it!  It was not called equalization until much later on but, the support still came from the Central Government to Alberta of those many years!

Being raised in the LDS church myself (a seagull who won't eat grasshoppers) I can still voice an opinion and that is Danielle and her dad should both be kicked out of the Church because of the huge lies they have pushed onto the vulnerable membership.

The Wild Rose Party  continue to muddy the water by saying the equalization payments were not started until years later. That in itself is true but, this does not change the fact Alberta survived on payments from Ottawa for a great many years before they named it Equalization payments .

They also sight the Chase Manhattan Bank as being the great Canadian Savior by saving us from the evil eastern banks of the day.   One does not have to wonder about their US origins!

The Alberta Party is still lurking in the background having no policy or platforms saying they will be whatever Albertans want them to be.  Always taking studies and never committing.  They too have the interest of the oil industry and will be left extremists  depending on what is needed to destabilize the vote in Alberta.  It is a sad state of affairs when a single industry can manipulate our political landscape like they do! A vote for the Alberta Party is more than a wasted vote; it is a very damaging vote!

The Alberta New Democratic Party came out with a lot of very good, well thought out, sensible thinking this last election. Arguments that came forward on the various news sites were heavily laced with nonsense labels such as "left" "right" and "socialist" whereas their platform had nothing to do with any of these labels.  The NDP have never given any indication they will harm the industries or, in effect kill the golden goose!

The fact is, the 3 billion dollars a year we are missing out of our economy could only make their jobs easier, get them larger wages and reduce their cost of  living. Perhaps next time!

The Alberta Liberal Party, even having betrayed all who believed in them put forward some very adroit and well thought out platform items. Among the  foremost  plans was the doing away with the Alberta Health Authority.  That would have effectively stopped the move to privatization cold! The Health Authority's main job is to privatize health care, pushing as hard and fast as they can, taking whatever you will give up.  Legislation changes say you cannot sue the Government or the health authority for things that go wrong.

Cut and paste this link into your browser - Liberal Betrayal

The Conservatives have savaged the education in this province cutting most support at all levels for  university education while building very shallow and sometimes dangerous trade programs to turn out bodies for the oil patch.  The Liberals proposed doing away with post secondary tuition.  This would have pushed forward an immediate increase in Albertans moving into executive positions in industry.

The thing is, if we had the  41 billion of dollars in tax revenues that was due to us we would be in a position of multi-choices and financing that would be assured for municipalities and cities; hospitals and schools.  Gone would be the scenario of telling Albertans how lucky we are the Conservatives found some money for a special project of theirs.  I am very sure the Conservative rank and file did not sign up for this travesty of Government.  We lost more in simple taxes on profits than we ever got from land lease sales.

Think of the 41 billion dollars a  year of your money that is being stolen; tucked into foreign oil pockets!  Why in the world would you continue to support this group?  They have done nothing; nothing at all except lie to you and elevate their own status.

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