Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mulcair lays the facts bare; Where are the Liberals?

Mulcair is 100% correct!  Artificially inflated is an understatement not an exaggeration!  We collect nothing for royalty while we pay for their transmission lines, roads and water! 

Recently Redford announced still another billion of taxpayer dollars is going into the cleanup of the tar sands; oil pays nothing.  This brought a ho hum from the Alberta public!.

And what about the plan to use pensions to finance a toll road (highway63)  into Fort McMurray?  Are you going to wait for 20 years to find out your pension fund was poorly invested so your returns are not what they expected?

As I said throughout the past election we cannot afford any more of this prosperity!

Because of this, profits are certainly higher than they should be for the industry while the province remains operating on broke; stealing pensions to make up the short fall.  

As far as the disregard for the environment; totally correct.  The policy has been and remains "If you can't see it; it doesn't exist so, don't worry about it"  When satellite pictures showed up Mildred lake like they did, this view changed somewhat not because of policy changes but because of what could be seen!

Rig water trucks still operate with impunity in recreation lakes around the province.

The 5 western premiers are the founding members of the PNWER GROUP

This group will have orchestrated their response to Mulclair.

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