Monday, May 14, 2012

Conservative Election Plans Solid!

The Conservatives have struck on a new plan to ensure they are elected over the next dozen years or more!

The Conservative Financiers dumped large cash into the almost invisible Wild Rose Party to put up a second party of their choosing and control on the voting agenda.  Either vote Conservatives or for their Ugly Sister, the Wild Rose Party.

They hope for a close contest and they don't really care which one wins. Vote Strategically to beat one or the other will be the call, time and again!

This is in Line with Harper's majority win. At the 11th hour they came up with "THE NDP WILL BE YOUR NEXT FEDERAL GOVERNMENT: VOTE STRATEGICALLY!

A minority Government in any province or Federal would derail Harper's dreams of empire!
It proves to be working!

What we need to overcome this great piece of logistical planning is for the NDP and the Liberals to make a new party. In levity I suggest "The Northern Democratic Party" it may be enough for that Turkey Brian Mason to think of someone other than himself.

If we can do this in the next two years, Vote Strategically will do away with the Conservatives.

If we can't; I fear we will in for reruns of the past two elections.

We have the Alberta Party in the wings; little hoopla and less about what they stand for. Left or right depending on what is needed to kick in the Strategic vote.

A change of Government or a Minority Government would put hundreds of billions of dollars back into the Alberta Treasury and industry would go onward unimpeded.

More than two-thirds of all oil-sands production in Canada is owned by foreign entities, sending a majority of the industry's profits out of the country.  There are more Americans working in Alberta's oil industry than there are Canadians!   Why would you not want to change these numbers?

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