Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Conservatives moving for further isolation of the Province- Then?

The Conservative Association of Canada and the Fraser Institute have long treasured the idea of doing away with the Canada Pension Plan!   Morton is staking out that position.

He would start by further isolating Alberta and the West from Eastern Canada by doing away with the Balance of payments and putting in a Western Canada Co-Operative insurance plan probably headed up by Mazankowski's friends at the "Power Group"

After such a fund would be put in place and people obliged to put their coin in, you would find that the Province of Alberta would be the biggest investment at the lowest rates. It would go the way of the Heritage Trust where they said "that is enough profit, pull it out and put it into General Revenues"

Their Bond sales are a bust; They won't go along with Federal Financial oversight and rules. Why would anyone but a crazy person invest their coin with this crew???
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