Monday, April 12, 2010

Alberta oil comes at a price to Albertans.

Our royalty take is the lowest in the world and, falling.
Since this post Alberta Royalty on Resources had dropped to zero!

Our Hospitals, Universities; Education in General is short funded pushing still more unemployment figures up.

Our Infrastructure is short funded after being pushed behind for years. Highway 19 is still killing people!

Normally provincial services have been down loaded onto cities and municipalities for the purpose of further reducing royalties. With these downloads came more unemployment.

Cities and municipalities were given the ownership and control of all the utilities. Power, Water Heat all owned by the cities or the municipalities who are also given license to charge what ever they want for those services.

We end up with the highest prices in the world for our water (New National Geographic who brought you the ducks) and the highest power prices in north America.

For those of you who voted Conservative and for those of you who decided it was not worth your time to vote; Give your head a shake!

Under this Government we have priced ourselves out of every industry other than natural resource and you are paying for that industry in your every day expenses!   They are not paying you!

Your high school curriculum has been watered down to suit trade schools leaving your kids short should they want a University Education. That is, if you are prepared to second mortgage your home to pay for the latter.

How I wish Albertans' would realize that the different flavors of extreme conservatives are doing nothing for them at all while robbing this province blind of its natural resource.
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