Friday, August 28, 2009

Alberta Insider Trading Opportunities

Alberta pays power line construction at 15% cost plus.

Alberta power line construction is pegged at 16 billion dollars.

15% of 16 billion is 2.4 billion dollars

There were no public bids; There were no public announcements. Yet, members of the legislature knew that 2 companies were going to get the contracts ahead of any public disclosure.

I find it very difficult to believe some members did not rush out and buy stocks in the two companies before the announcement was made public. By not making the windfall profits to these companies public knowledge they further prevented the general investors from being invited to the table.

That is serious coin going to insiders!

This same scenario is prevalent in all this Governments' transactions. When bids are asked for the winners are seldom published. The unsuccessful bidders are never published nor are their bids. The latter with 1 exception when last challenged on this site.
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