Monday, August 03, 2009

Alberta History 3- The camp grounds and parks.

Up until this crew came into office, Alberta's camp grounds were all public. They were quite probably the very best in Canada!

Millions of Federal monies and more millions of Provincial monies had been put into the camp grounds to install showers, build various buildings, build piers and various other first class improvements.

A large portion of the money from the Federal Government was put into the camp grounds just prior to their being sold.

As usual the Government opened the doors for bids for the camp grounds. As is their lack of business practice, the camp grounds, totally improved, were sold for pennies on the dollar of value.

As usual there were never any names published as to who bought the camp grounds and for how much. Nor were there any figures published on the bids that were put in that didn't get selected.

To put it in one line; "All the camp grounds in Alberta were sold to Torrie insiders at a fraction of their worth"

This scenario is a standard business operation for this crew even today!

In Alberta there is no sense putting in bids on anything as the parties who are going to get the property or chattel are already selected and know what price to bid.

For those of you who think Conservatives are the only way to vote should give your heads a shake. You are not on their buddy list.
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