Thursday, March 26, 2009

Alberta or Iranian Oil in the future?

What a joke! What an absolute waste of money by our disaster called Premier Stelmach. Last week US President Obama made a video for Iranians to see and mull over. In his video Obama spoke of renewed peace and co-operation between Iran and the United States.

Think: Uncle Sam wants Iranian oil and NOT Alberta's dirty oil.

I'm selling all my tar sands related stock and buying into those companies that will likely get contracts (soon!) in Iran. It's too bad that Klein and Stelmach gave away for dirt cheap all the natural gas in Alberta, because that's all we'll have left of what Obama wants.

Alberta's Conservative governments have totally ruined the future of our province. Big mouth Tories bragged to the world how much "oil" will have and how stinking rich we are, but guess what happened? People took a second look at what's happening here and they didn't like what they saw.

Thanks Klein for shooting your mouth off... and now because of all the stupid decisions made by Conservatives the future of our province is nowhere near as bright as people think it is.

Am I being negative? No, I'm being honest. Thanks Conservatives for the massive bust that is now following a useless mini-boom. In reality, Albertans only have themselves to blame for voting Conservative. We never learn do we???
Good insight; shared from a friend.
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