Friday, March 06, 2009

Alberta finance: Inexperience and recklessness

Alberta puts 40 million into well reclamation reads the headline.

Also the article tells us the receivers of the money, the Orphan Well Association, did not ask for funds and did not need the funds as the Orphan Wells have been paid for by the oil companies to the extent of about 12 million dollars a year.

The Mr. Stelmach in a separate article said he was giving this money to them to use in addition to what ever they are spending and he hopes they will spend it.

The point of all this?

This project like the other 2.5 billion in projects that have been put up by the Conservatives have gone out with no plans, no details, no instruction on how or what to spend it on.

Their construction projects when they were more than flush with cash were all cost plus. Bids were given to whoever they wanted after a bid was asked for regardless of what the winning bid was. Lists of bids are never let to the public. Awash with cash they threw money at what ever tweaked their interest.

Now, the worm has turned and it should be apparent to every one that after all these years we are dealing with amateurs who do not no how to Govern. They don't have a whole pile of experience. They have the same very few experiences, over and over again.

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