Sunday, November 16, 2008

Alberta' new oil regime is a lie!

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Iris Evans is about to tell us our health care and service programs are going to be cut. This, as I had predicted earlier. Because of their give away, the Alberta treasury is presently short some 10 billion dollars of revenue having given it away to the oil companies. This drain is continuing at a rate of 4 billion dollars a year. Oil gets more new cash from this new deal than does the Alberta Budget!

As the above document outlines the funds on tar sands oil is now in Canadian Dollars. The two economies are said to be equal when the Canadian dollar is at 85 cents. Prior to the last election (Some time after Sept 20,2007) the currency traded was in US dollars! Mel Knight in still another misguided statement led Albertans to believe there was more royalty coming into the province.

It wasn't until after he was busted that the embolden Canadian $ showed up. Prior to that time the Canadian funds was in 6pt aerial; nearly invisible.

As it stands, we are loosing 16% on each barrel of oil. Do you see anything in this document that gives Alberta 16% ? No, you don't in fact at 120 dollars per barrel the oil companies are still paying 7% less than they were before Alberta gave away the farm.

Recently a BC official spoke in Alberta saying he was not going to go into the same energy regime as Alberta. What wasn't said is that BC are charging more than Alberta and have no intentions of reducing the royalty!

I don't know how long Albertans are going to put up with these lies and misrepresentations but when it becomes this blatant I would hope it is not for long!
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