Saturday, November 22, 2008

Alberta Conservatives mishandle the economy

The Alberta Conservatives has mishandled this economy to a point it is almost in the ground!

When they bundled all the lies into the New Oil Regime they took every precaution to keep the deep discounts given to the oil companies away from the voting public. A 50 dollar barrel of oil this year pays the oil companies the same as 58 dollars last year.

This makes Alberta oil the best deal on the planet for the people chasing oil stock. Yet, because of their secrecy these same stock chasers are trashing Alberta as being a bad place to invest in.

They ride their pessimism on a “New Oil Regime” that takes away the onetime windfall (royalty at 19%) and puts it up to 25%, where it was when all this crap started.

They are fighting hard to keep the windfall figures in place.

Keep in mind BC Royalty tier 3 returns 34% to BC. But, none of the bad press is spent on BC.

This windfall program has of 19% and Canadian exchange rates have turned 10 billions of dollars into the oil coffers over the past year and a half. That is what Alberta is short now!

Now, Iris Evans declared the economic slowdown within two years and suggested Wild Rose Country is entering a period of "figuring out what you can do without."

I think the first thing, is this Government!

Next, she tells us” $6.5 billion from the projected surplus in the past three months alone, leaving an annual windfall of $2 billion.”

Their policies have shorted this province ten billion dollars! Where does she get off calling the residual 2 billion dollars a windfall? It is a travisty!

Health Minister Ron Liepert said the public should prepare for some difficult decisions ahead on health care.

Ron Liepert’s claim to fame is a long list of privatization moves in industry. It is simply what he does.
He is using this self made conservative disaster as an excuse to cut services and will rely on the Capital Health work done on what to reinsure on health care. With a likeminded government in Ottawa he should not get much resistance.

"My hunch is that Alberta has seen its last boom," Liberal Leader Kevin Taft predicted Friday

This, coming from a guy who sat out the last election, let this new deal oil fiasco blow by without any kind of a challenge and hasn’t offered anything but mind dead preditions since. I can live without his comment.

McCormick (Political Science Lethbridge) agrees “It's directed at universities, hospitals, school boards and government employees who are thinking about salary negotiations coming up -- that's who they are talking to," he said. "They are trying to get rid of boom-talk and boom-mentality now."

.We are being ruled as opposed to governed. Decisions that affect our lives and the lives of our children are being made in secret and false information is being put forward. This crew, now beleaguered is moving to legislate still more decisions into secrecy

This Government in concert with the oil companies is playing a very dangerous game. Some 86% of the world’s oil is nationalized. That leaves only 14% in the hands of private companies. If oil companies were fair or even thinking for that matter, it would be otherwise.

If Jack Layton or Brian Mason come forward on a platform to nationalize the oil industry in this province they would probably get a majority.

Perhaps now, some of you will chose to get off your butts and vote. It is possible to have an Obama style win in Alberta!

In the US the Fed is trying to give out contracts to drill in Colorado in the Shale basin. To make their deal plausable they are saying oil will be 200 dollars US a barrel in about 10 years. Pie in the sky stuff, American style. They are offering a 2% royalty for 5 years after production starts then go up to a maximum of 15% there after.

Any number of people are saying this is a Republican move to shackle Obama in setting decent royalty rates. Sounds a lot like Alberta tactic.

Shale is more difficult to drill and will probably return less oil at a lower rate of flow than will a conventional well. There simply is not enough money in oil right now to go ahead with this.
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