Sunday, September 28, 2008

Your Alberta water bill depends on how you vote!

For those of you who have asked why I am so quite on this election will say that I have had a lot of my time taken up on the CBC sparring with the multitudes.
There are some real stars on the Harper crew, well stated and good reading. I will muse about some of the exchanges.

A letter from Iris Evans has been posted which explains the Government plans on 4 billion dollars spent in carbon sequestration, transportation and education. Nowhere in that letter does she say how she is going to pay for it.

The Conservatives reduced our royalty rate from 25% to 19% before the last election and lied about it throughout the election. This is coincidentally 4.6 billions of dollars lost to the taxpayer or, the nebulous General Revenues where this Government plunks all the money so it can’t be followed.

Does this mean the oil companies are going to pay these 4.6 billion dollars into the sequestration project?
Not likely.

Iris’s letter also touches on the money making aspect of Carbon Sequestration. Not dissimilar from the power lines the plan lines up now that Alberta Taxpayers are going to pay for all the start up costs and the construction costs of the program now estimated at 80 billion dollars in total (10 years revenue for the province) and the oil companies will pocket any monies that come in from the actual pumping of the carbon dioxide down hole.

More and more of the same old stuff but, this time handled by their million dollar PR company also paid for by our tax dollar.

For my part, I endorse the program. More than that I say “it must succeed” but, I want who pays and how broken out.

Alberta’s privatized water is not getting as much work out as I would like to see. Remember, they changed the rules of the water management group in the St. Mary’s system to limit who could vote on items. A brief search of the Alberta Gazette turned up the names of international food producing agencies as the new owners of land in that area and on the east slope of the Rockies where the water aquifer starts.
Consider Calgary does not have any aquifer water allotments and most the water is owned by Dasani water (Coca Cola) and the Calgary Malting company; that takes care of all the Alberta water. Remember the farmer at the Conservative Convention in Banff who was told he did not own the water in his dug out? Much more of that is going to be around!

If Harper gets in with his Majority there will be a huge increase in your water bills. The Government is asking if you want them involved. They should have asked that before they soiled the landscape.

The Fraser Institute presented studies on how much revenue was being lost because bulk water exports were not allowed under the Liberals. Then, the Conservative party of Canada made representation to the Privy Council hearings dealing with the legality of exporting bulk water under NAFTA and , the answer was a resounding NO NOT ALLOWED!.

The Conservatives acknowledged the decision saying they would take it up with a civil court but, I haven’t heard anything since.

Whether Harper gets his majority or not, NAFTA will be renegotiated to include items that Mexico and the US wants. Harper’s hidden agenda becomes more apparent and, Albertan’s are going to take a real shit kicking on their water if he does get elected. See details here

Albertans will be asked to pay “market price” for their drinking and domestic water. That would again be California prices just like the Electricity.

If there was a time for Albertans to vote other than Conservative this would be it!
And for those of you who did not vote last time, do so this time! Don't be a second class citizen.
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