Thursday, September 04, 2008

Alberta now finished privitizing all the water in Alberta

"Should a market develop? To what degree should the government be involved in regulating that market? Or should the government be involved at all?"
Alberta major move to privatize and export water is in place.

Mike Cardinal, minister sold large tracks of grazing lands across the east slope of the Rockies to private ownerships. With it went the water rights and, this track of land is over the origin of the water aquifer that serves most of Alberta. There were never any public disclosures of who bought this pristine land or, what they paid for it.

On the St. Mary’s irrigation system the Government first changed the bylaws of the St Mary’s water organization in such a way as to cut down the amount of people that can voice opinions or vote on changes within that origination. Basically only those people who owned property directly adjoining the St. Mary’s canal would be allowed to vote.

Again no public disclosures about who bought what or what were paid; All insider stuff.

While this was going on a large number of lands adjoining the St. Mary’s was sold by Mike Cardinal to the Agra Food industry. Some of the titles that moved through the Alberta Gazette were worthless as farms and perfectly situated for voting rights.

Calgary on the other hand has been quick to repeat time and again they have sufficient water allotments to last them for many years into the future. What they are careful not to explain is their water allotment is only for the Bow and Elbow rivers. Calgary holds no water allotments for the water aquifers.

On the other hand Calgary Malting and Dasani (Coca Cola) own huge water allotments for the water aquifer. – These people will be supplying the water to the City of Calgary.

The rivers are expected to be out of drinking water in less than 10 years as they are glacier fed.

I for one have been fighting over the years for a public owned water resource and you people who would not get off their asses to vote bare the responsibility of the total privatization and marketing of our water resource.

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