Friday, May 25, 2007

Hearings over and we loose again!

Well, the hearings on royalties are all over and, as you would expect the ministers are thanking the oil companies for their contributions to the hearings in Calgary. Who would have guessed?

The story is being peddled the royalties must stay the same as they are because of the higher costs involved. Also, the Minister is saying there must be a grand father clause to make sure any that are producing are not caught in any hike.

Liars, cheats and thieves; all of them.

The cost of oil sands plants to build are carried entirely by the taxpayers of this province! Until they are paid for through a royalty hold back scheme, no revenue is taken by the taxpayer. All costs are paid!

The oil sands companies, Syncrude and Suncore in particular have said within the last year that the costs of production has dropped to a point where they can make a profit on 17.00 a barrel sell price. What does that tell you?

There are a bunch of adventurers who have their names in for new production plants. And, that is all; only put their names in!

This leaves room for them to pull their names off the table and we can count on this Government telling us what a bad deal that is and all because we wanted something close to a fair share. In truth it is a act of many plays and players; A theatre for the general public.

Off topic and in answer to many questions. Yes this crew plans on stealing the hertitage saving and trust fund. First, capture it into a crown corporation then, privatize the crown corporation. If Maz doesn’t get it then Aon will to be handed off later. The Heritage trust fund will be mixed with any other revenues.

We will likely be asked to buy shares in this new outfit. The Heritage Trust fund will disappear as did the parks and the telephone lines.

John Clark
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