Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Haper setting up to export our water!

Harper and the US dominated Fraser institute have made their declaration to include bulk water export into the NAFTA agreement!

39th Parliament, 1st Session

The Standing Committee on International Trade has the honour to present its


All aspects of bulk water export are not included in the NAFTA agreement by either Canada, US or Mexico!

Dissenting opinion from the Conservative Party

The Government members of the Standing Committee on International Trade, for reasons previously stated by our members which appear in the evidence, along with the documents provided by the Library of Parliament entitled 'Bulk Water Removals: Water Exports and the NAFTA' and 'Bulk Water Removals: Canadian Legislation' appended to the Evidence of the meeting on May 15, 2007, choose to dissent respectfully from the Ninth Report.

Comment by J Clark.
The Alberta Conservatives are on side with this view. I suspect they are leading the parade.
If Albertans would get out and vote this crew out of office we could change the political map of Canada and probably the USA. I for one am sick of the rule by corporation we now experience.

The pertinent documents and decision are absent from Meetings 63 and 64. However, copies of original document available by email upon request.

John Clark

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