Tuesday, February 13, 2007

More pension raids-it's going to be ugly!

The Federal Conservatives are still hitting our pensions and all to our detriment.

The income tax department tells me the Honourable James M. Flaherty hired an accounting firm from the private sector (a friend of a friend probably) to look into the pension deductions taken on past income taxes.

The figures they are coming up with are totally ridiculous and the income tax people are bound to collect taxes on these artificial numbers.

When the income tax people were asked for a list of their findings on the account they told they did not have them; the figures are held by the out side, private company. It is up to the account owner to go over the last 15 years of income tax filings and prove to the income tax department the figures put forward are wrong. This will prove to be expensive for the account owner.

Why can they not give you a statement of their findings and allow you to dispute it?

Guilty, until proven innocent. Don’t you love Conservatives?

John Clark
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