Wednesday, February 07, 2007

14 years of mis management

14 years of mismanagement, misappropriations and a genuine lack of interest for the well being of this province by this government has prompted Mr. Stelmach to face the news.

Over these years we seen this Government walk away from and ignore any chances of investment in new business not oil oriented. Their simplistic, some say stupid views have all but killed any chance of other than oil and power industries establishing in this province.

This government has cemented this economy into energy industries and us into the re-supply business for that industry. Their short sited views of exploiting natural resources as the only thing they are comfortable with.

Any struggling new industries and, there were a few, were closed down with this Government privatized the electrical power moving us from the lowest power rates in north America, putting us into the highest power rates in north America.

The Conservatives are more intent on protecting the obscene profit levels of the oil companies and the power generation and distribution people than they are of returning a fair and equitable value to the provincial coffers.

Had they operated like a government over these past 14 years rather than a private club, Mr. Stelmach could have had some choices in intelligent conversation rather than stand there riling against the rest of Canada; trying to make it their fault.

John Clark
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