Monday, June 27, 2016 is not the you came to know over the years! was purchase by a US company who sees great opportunity in profiting in a reduced economy.  As with the Dentist and the News Papers its simple. Charge the consumer more.

This morning I found my voice mail was cut off.  This is because I am told I never paid for it specifically.   It was not included in our original deal of "all of the phone services" and I must be mistaken, its my fault.

This company has paid the Shaw Family big bucks even as they are swamped with cancellations.

I would estimate 250,000 customer base at 6 dollars per customer on average will return them 1.5 million dollars every month!

There are other alternatives for TV Telephone and so on.  I would suggest  you do some shopping including the start up companies.

A million and a half a month is not going to satisfy them!   There will be more line charges like call notice call hold not to mention the wide open tv Directory assistance is up to 1.00  That .15 cent increase will net them 37,500. a month if everyone calls information once.

Thats moving close to 300,000 a month or 3.6 million a year.  More than anything its a insult to think Canadians are such an easy mark!

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