Wednesday, December 16, 2015

AESO = Albertans can expect 20.00/month increase on power bills to pay for new power lines.

AESO's document is called Long-Term Transmission Rate Impacts:

I  expected this kind of hype from power generators.  Fact is they are anticipating a 25-35%  increase in profits by switching to DC!  Here's why:

AC uses a smaller diameter line. AC travels inside that line and an immense amount of power is lost through heat and radiation. EMF. It is an art form keeping the power at a flow that is needed.  Any over produced power and there is a lot of it, is sent to Ground. Gone! No profits.

DC uses a larger diameter line.  DC travels on the outside of the line and does not lose power through heat, friction or EMF.  Power generators and operators can define finitely what they should be putting out for no loss to ground while still covering demands comfortably.  They only produce what is needed no more immense losses.  Power on demand.

There should be no increases if this Government is worth anything.

I think AESO should comment on my post. In a capital system, power lines like nuclear energy have their biggest cost in financing the projects. Not unlike you buying your home.  Worse case, they can borrow money at less than 2%.  The majority of the lines in this province are already paid for by taxpayers.

I think AESO are dipping both sides of the US/Canadian border for a cobbled up excuse for charging a lot more money.  All with the knowledge of Notley and NDP who are, like the Conservatives supporting indirect taxation wherever possible.

There are over 1 million meters spinning in this province! That means 20 million a month income minimum for whom? For What?  That’s 240 million a year going back to what is basically a city own utility.   Is this how we pay for the coal being shut down?

 The Conservatives invented indirect taxation when they went to this so-called market system. AESO have a bunch of really fine thinkers and doers on their staff, I have the utmost respect for them. But,, who do they work for? Who is strapped for cash? And it's getting worse as oil heads for the 20.00 mark as production outstrips  US consumption. Yes, ask AESO for a comment.

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