Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Devon Walking/Biking Trail Update 1

 Trails are now frozen easy walking.
 Beaver Dams allowed to expand greatly!  Dog can walk on them now.
 Another view of Beaver dams- See their forage on opposite bank
 This shot is better idea of how deep these dams are.  They are the reason the hills slump and take constant maintenance.
 Down stream from the one above
 Dog enjoys the listen; he knows better than to play with Beavers.

 Mud for dam and house are taken off the far bank,  This is still another dam on the small creek.
 More Beaver Dam
 There is a proliferation of posts along the trail.  They are I think intended to carry sign cautions for bikers.
 Below are to biker caution signs, Big hill  and twisty trail.  It is all pretty wonderful and a lot of bikes use these trails year round, Balloon tires and very low ratio gear sets mostly.  In past years we have made trail with walking and snow shoes.  I'm not  sure if further plans are in the works or not.  If someone does, send me an email and I will  update the page.   Trails like this have been looked after by a single cyclist!  On his own he cuts junk trees and makes lining along the trails, has built a bridge across a low spot, sink hole thing, all by himself.  The man as made a great difference when it comes to winter treks.

 First skiff of snow adds a wonder of beauty to the woods.  Loose Leaves on the trail makes going downhills a bit tricky.  I use 2 walking sticks.  That works!
 First Skiff
First Skiff
 Better view of Beaver Dams Each one is holding back 2500 cm of water!

 I use ice cleats and two walking sticks: When snow gets heavier, if ever I will be using my Faber 3' snowshoes.

This is the lower dam now just starting Construction.  New Kits will finish it next spring, perhaps over the winter.

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