Sunday, August 02, 2015

Election called! Harper to follow Prentice out the door!

The new seat additions give Harper an advantage.  Calling an election before it is required in tough times is going to weigh heavily against him.   

What is really going to work against him is  his unashamed association with the US Republicans and his obvious push to follow their wishes through his intervention into bulk water exports and the CPP which are only warm up exercises for him.  He has given out huge amounts of bulk water exports to various organizations; the RBC catching a pot full. 

Alberta and Canada have lost much of their irrational fear of Democratic Socialist Governments.  This has been reinforced through Notley's performance.

His foray into the forest fire didn't do him favors; the contrary.  He appeared as a dolt when trying to coax exhausted fire fighters into singing O' Canada for him. So phony!

People who got the bit of a cheque in the mail for child care are rethinking that; taxable it doesn't cover a day in daycare for many.

Trudeau  on the other hand has come up blank.  Where is he on bulk water exports, the CPP and a litany of other political statement opportunities that have come his way.  He obviously doesn't have the support of the old guard I supported for so many years.

I challenged them on doing away with income splitting nothing as a senior with a working spouse this is going to cost me major!   They quickly responded they would not apply this to seniors but failed to say anything about the still working spouse.  Doubletalk.  He is trying to be truly new school running a computer campaign almost entirely except for a Stetson day.

In his favor is a larger education of the general public that the NEP did not cause a world recession and it was the proceeding inflation (up to 25%) that stole the mortgaged homes and business, not the NEP.  That is a might help.  His computer efforts are a waste and now detrimental as  even MS has seen son many they are delegated to the Junk box on automatic.

The NDP show promise, most certainly won't be a warmed over Conservative.  I'm sure Mulclair and his NDP will put in a surprising showing much to the chagrin of Harper. As I said Canadians have lost much of their fear of Democratic Socialism. 

Corporations  loving the discounted corporate taxes will cheer on the Cons but in very troubling times (another 6 years minimum of them) would have me believe a NDP nationally is exactly what we need for the next term. The Conservative trickle down policies didn't work for Harper.  Even the bank of Canada chided industry for not turning loose the money handed them by Harper's tax reductions although, I can't blame them.

Lastly Security bill C51 is a brazen attempt to appease homeland security.  It is the most damaging bit of legislation ever to come out of Ottawa.  If you are Canadian Born it does not affect you but if you are a new Canadian Citizen; when the wash is out your citizenship can be stripped under this bill.  That is a bad legislation that Trudeau ducks.
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