Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summer Rains have changed the Forest in a very nice way.

I see people from all over the world are viewing these walking trails and I suspect some, with envy.  They are unique and beautiful.

This batch of pictures is less of the trails and more of what off the trail, taken down gulley's made by streams that feed the creek and beaver dams.

 Always have my  dog!  He loves it.

  New Family of Ducks in this Micro Environment.  Doing well by all counts.
 Some old ESSO industry, good.  Run off path fixed to stop erosion.  Further on I seen where some irresponsible cyclist deliberately took out a Canada Survey Post that has been in place for nearly a century.  People like this can go someplace else!
These banks continually slup - slide areads marked off..  Result of 2 to 6 beaver dams on the creek putting water levels in the dams up to 3 meters or more. 
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