Friday, March 27, 2015

Alberta Budget-prone to a lot of things! Including your vote.

We are brought to this point because the people of Alberta decided it didn't matter to vote!  Chances are statistically if you are reading this you are one of them!

Complaining is not the same as voting!  You can bet the Conservatives will make it nearly impossible for  you to vote by last minuet changes to addresses and so on.  They have changed the vote parameters such the country vote is worth 6 of the urban vote.  That means if you are city or urban you have to turn out!  If you don't there is a financial hell awaiting you!   You can't afford to live here; I don't care what you think your situation is.

The Conservatives figure they can turn this sinking ship around using old conservative policy and practice!

First off:  Paying more for health care means paying for most of it!  It is a conservative dream to totally privatize health care!  And, they are using this self made crisis to institute it.   Witness: Alberta Blue Cross has hit the province with  a whole new batch of signup applications.   And being a Conservative organization they fail to tell you they cover nothing until you are signed up for a year!

A 50 dollar office call is nothing to Prentice and his crew. This is what you have to look forward to.

The Opposition parties have all camped on a 2500 dollar additional cost for every family!  The figure is closer to and if not over 5000 dollars extra to shell out.  Remember it is not  your expenses it is a money grab through the resulting taxes to support this Government so it can continue uninterrupted.

If you happen to be a small business with a store front remember your customers are out of pocket 5 grand before they wake up in the morning!  Rather than you worrying about your cheap income tax it is time to worry about your customer base!

We have a 30.00 charge coming at us on our utilities bill for electricity. This goes into the Government's pocket! There are 1.5 million meters spinning in this province; that is billions of dollars over the next few  years and 360 dollars per year out of your individual pockets that is one of the things not named in their budget speech and because there is a lot of thing not unlike it that I'm saying its going to cost  you over 5 grand!

The Globe reported that Norway has over a Trillion dollars in offshore banks (to ease the burden of their local economy)  Alberta took all our money and tucked it into oil corporation pockets!  That doesn't effect pensions!  That went straight into foreign operational capital.

Norway has free University for those who want it!  Norway has health care second to none in the world free!  And, they have had a socialist Government throughout! As world bankers they are coasting through this downturn which is going to last another 6  years minimum perhaps more.  We have lost all of our oil markets!  Cushing Ill where Alberta crude goes is filling more every day even though they try to get rid of it.  Cushing is one of 5 of the US oil security areas in the US.

Obama is busy building 11,600 miles of new 36" diameter pipeline across their nation to become oil self sufficient.  That market gone too!

The Price of oil is being pushed up by speculation and speculation alone!  Obama took oil from the reserves in the US when oil hit 100.00 a barrel.  That helped drop the price of oil.  There is no product more heavily manipulated than oil!  We have lost our customers!

There is no new oil contracts!  We are paying premium 2.50 per barrel to ship rail oil to Cushing to be stored!  Our oil is no more or less volatile than is the stuff moving out of the US Bakkans. Just wait!  What differs is the amount of Condensate (our's is less). But, it goes bang no matter how much is in it. Alberta's storage is topping up too; then what?

Obama is facing a date in which he has to start replacing the oil he  has drawn. My guess is he will say to hell with that date like he has disregarded so many things leaving the speculators to bankrupt themselves and he will hold out for his 20.00 oil or as close as he can get to it to replenish.

And  you hear effected unions crying pure BS!   I ask you where are the 80,000 new Albertans going to come from?   We are bleeding population every day!  And, we have at least 6 more years of the bleed.  People are finally going home; in droves.   The new houses up for resale are heart breakers.

We have one chance and one chance only to survive this in any semblance of  personal comfort and that is to vote NDP; the only sane voice in the Frey!   There are a lot of ways to approach these problems and the Conservative way is shown not to work!

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