Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Cochrane Times news supports WRP and not the Conservatives. Point in fact:

Some news papers express open comments on their articles.  One article they put up is http://www.cochranetimes.com/2014/08/01/no-serious-response-provided

In keeping with their sentiment, I posted the only comment to the lengthy whining article.

I have heard creditable and detailed reports of contaminants showing up 4 miles "downstream" from the frac operation and these same reports tell me the company knows about them.
The Contaminants include the heavy metals; Arsenic and Cyanide along with a library of others. Alberta is over producing oil looking at an up coming election.
3 rail cars bundled with 250 other products leave Whitecourt every day. On CN who can't keep the trains on a straight track! Nampa and the Peace River block are producing over 100 cars a day and, the U S likes this as they can change direction of the cars as soon as they cross the border. Back into Canada East is a good possibility.
Also, Nampa area is shipping multi truckloads; tandem drivers from Nampa to Lloydminster.
The Conservatives sell our oil at a 30% discounts on world prices. No dealing necessary.
This was disclosed by Canadian high commissioner Stewart Beck in the Financial Posthttp://www.financialexpress.co....
On Ruther's link Zacks (100% credibility) tells us it costs 50 cents per barrel to ship oil in pipeline and 2.50 to ship the same oil in a tank car. No truck figures given but it wouldn't be hard to figure out. http://www.reuters.com/article... :
Along with discounted oil Alberta collecting zero; zilch for royalty.http://albertathedetails.blogs... It has since plummeted to "0"%
After a post similar to this in Hinton Press the Government announced a new money for frack operations as this 30% discount hits them very hard. This money and much more is coming out of your pockets; not out of the industry or the product.
We talk about the hundreds if billions of dollars in Norways banks from royalty and nothing in ours. Using Government figures the Conservatives have taken over 600 billion dollars from the Heritage Trust Fund and used it in General Revenue in place of taxes! Norway, has the highest educated group in Europe and they turn out 70% of their population for every vote!
Alberta has dummed down our school education so a grade 10 education now passes as a grade 12. This is obvious when talk to a kid from Ontario and a Kid of the same age from Alberta. Alberta, turns out 22% to a vote not realizing the terrible mistake they are making. Norway does not vote Conservative and no Conservative party bothers to run there.
I have kept http://albertathedetails.blogs... running for the past 7 years on the daily rip offs of this Government. On the left hand side of the blog look up Electricity; Water; Power; meters; anything of your interests and see just how badly you are screwed over.
Our health care for instance is patterned after the US user pay system. Rem Journal Article on Oregon Health: http://albertathedetails.blogs... Like so many plans of theirs they right of the playbook of the US Republicans Total Summary of PNWER
There is a huge article in there mapping out the political choices we have and discloses the outright lies the Wild Rose is peddling!
Albertans without a doubt are paying the resource companies to take the resource from the province.
I am Supporting the Alberta Liberal Party. Recent polls show them rising fast while both the Wild Rose Party and the Conservatives are in free fall!
A good article like this deserves solid knowledgeable comment!

They took the article down after 20 mins; time it took them to get though it I would guess.

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