Thursday, August 22, 2013

U of A getting special team of Government Auditors to ID cuts

The  Savaging of Alberta's Universities is an easy choice for the Conservatives.  Some campaign basics to explain how we got here.

1. When campaigning don't waste your time in walk up apartments; statistically those people don't vote!

2. When it's time to cut and slash start with the Universities as the people who attend for whatever reasons, statistically do not vote!

A little work by political parties may be able to turn these gold mines of missing votes around but, not soon enough to help now.
Alberta Conservatives took advice that they could not "grow big industry" because we were not graduating enough degrees.  The knee jerk reaction was to  freeze funding at Universities at 1986 levels and advertise around the world for degrees to work in Alberta. 

This came with promises of high paying jobs in a safe environment and a certain guarantee of citizenship and housing supports.

It was far cheaper to hire outside the country  than it was to graduate Alberta kids!

The idea caught on fast as did the success of the program.  With this combination of things the Conservatives see no problems in slashing universities to the bone; slashing to the point it ruins the university turning back in 1 year what has taken 100 years to grow.

After the Conservatives get finished with their micro management the U of A will be an "Also mentioned" university of no stature at all.  Gone are the days when a chemistry degree from the U of A is worth its weight in gold!   All thanks to Conservative ideology not a shortage in cash in the province.

The Wild Rose party is totally aligned with this thinking being the spawn of US Republicans.  To Sherman's credit while the Liberals job was to break up the left wing vote (not win any thing) he did suggest help post secondary students but under the logistical make up I don't see how that would be possible with the teaching staff decimated by private audits.

Our grade schools and Hi Schools will follow as they are forced into prioritization.  That will be sold as an act of necessity where in fact it is the cumulative of a long term plan!

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