Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Alberta to the point of no future at all!!

Thank you Conservatives!  Nothing in the Bank; profits all given away down the pipeline and the future looks  bleaker than the depression!

You may be aware that Australia's traditionally frequented trading partners are China and India both showing   a great interest in starting up plants in Alberta.   They want a pipeline to the west coast before they move on it.

The Conservatives have been stalling for years pending a way to get already overtaxes Albertans to pay for the pipelines and infrastructure.   Kinder Morgan offered to expand their pipelines to the West Coast to handle an additional 700 million barrels per day but, upped the prices knowing Alberta would not commit to a different pipeline.

As if crude oil price discounts weren’t bad enough, word is that Australia’s Linc Energy may have found a huge shale oil deposit in the country’s central region.

While Linc Energy’s chief executive Peter Bond tried to temper the buzz the discovery created, the deposit may contain 233 billion barrels of shale oil.

If that number proves to be correct, it would outnumber the 169 billion barrels of oil sands reserves Alberta has and vault Australia past the province in the global petroleum pecking order.

Australia is one of Canada’s chief competitors in the race to supply liquefied natural gas to Pacific Rim markets. But no one thought the Aussies might also pose a threat to Canada’s plans to sell its bitumen to the likes of China and Japan

 Under this Government there will be no market for Alberta oil.  They are not capable of breaking away from the Conservative policy that says nothing can be done unless taxpayers pay for it; that oil belongs to the oil companies and Alberta is entitled only to income taxes and land sales!

We need an election right away!

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