Wednesday, December 14, 2011

R.C.M.P shackled in dealings with the Alberta Government

Why is it the Conservatives can steal 120 billion dollars from the Heritage Trust Fund without a challenge from the police force?

Why is it the Conservatives can steal more billions from insurance programs held in their trust and invite no examination from the R.C.M.P?

What was the big delay and apprehension in signing the R.C.M.P to another term as Alberta's police force and why was the Conservatives intent in putting in a provincial police force regardless of costs if the RCMP did not come into line?

These and some of the other outrages as in closed bidding and the obvious insider route to granting bids prompted my investigation which has been ongoing over years.  Here is the startling results:

The R.C.M.P, if they wanted to be Alberta's Police force had to agree there would be no investigations into the Alberta Government unless they had permission from the Alberta Attorney General first gave them permission to do so.

If they had not done so we would have had a private police force of the Conservatives' personal gangsters and enforcers to make life miserable for any that disagree with them.

We have a new R.C.M.P director in Ottawa now.  It is time to write him and see what he can do about cleaning up this obscenity. that has cost Alberta hundreds of billions of dollars!

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