Sunday, March 06, 2011

Harper moves to curtail free speach and reduce criticism

The CBC is the most popular public forum available to Canadians.  It has been an outlet for much information not otherwise available to the public.

Harper's crew recently claimed the CBC continually lies which, is simply a lie in itself.   The CBC has maintained the highest standards, unlike the Conservative Governments.

Graph showing decreasing funding to CBC despite PMO claims
Stephen Harper is planning to cut CBC funding.
Only a massive outcry can stop him.
Earlier this week, the government tabled its spending plan for the coming year in Parliament. Included in the fine print is a reduction to the CBC’s grant. Unless we convince Stephen Harper to change his plan, the CBC will lose $16 million ($42 million in purchasing power after inflation is taken into account) starting next month! 

For our public broadcaster, a reduction of this magnitude might seem manageable, but it is yet another cut in a series that, taken together, is having devastating consequences obvious to every listener and viewer. 

Thankfully, there is an opportunity in the next two weeks to stop this cut.
Just a few weeks from now - on March 22nd - the Harper government will table its Budget. It’s his chance to change course. We’ve got only a matter of days to persuade Harper that it is not in his political interest to cut CBC funding.

Please send a message to Stephen Harper right now and share this campaign with your friends.

Harper’s plan to cut CBC funding is entirely consistent with recent comments from senior members of Harper’s government that betray their hostile agenda for public broadcasting in Canada. You will recall that Harper’s confidante, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney recently proclaimed that “the CBC lies all the time”. 

While his senior Minister was trashing the CBC, Harper’s office developed talking points that take sinister doublespeak to new levels, claiming that his government has invested record amounts in the CBC, more than any previous government. 

This statement is false! Here are the facts.

The spending plan that would cut CBC’s funding can be changed by the federal Budget on March 22nd.

It’s our opportunity and we must seize it to protect public broadcasting. 

While we cannot hope to make Harper love the CBC, we must make sure he understands that every time he tries to trash our public broadcaster, voters will strongly object and punish his party at the first opportunity. 

Please send your message now and share the campaign with your friends. If we act together we can succeed! 

We have prepared a short message, but it will be much more effective if you take a few moments to personalize it, adding your own comments.

Make an effort to protect your futures, sign in and sign up!

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