Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Alberta--The Details; a new development.

A new development in the world of Alberta--The Details and Cyberclark!

I have received 2 anonymous emails from separate Hotmail accounts that have said pretty much the same thing.  I will continue the battle knowing the hits on this blog are followed closely,  not just from Canada and the individual parties but, from all around the world.  Without the check marks on the individual blogs, I know the word is getting out there.

"Your on line support has dropped to nothing" alluding to recent posts asking NDP's Jack Layton and the Liberal's Michael Ignatieff to provide us with details on exactly what they agreed with the Conservatives on and why.

We know Ignatieff threw away the Liberal Red book and has since tried to replace it with his personality which, isn't flying.

We know Jack Layton is riding the fence on issues such as Health Care and Bulk Water exports.

It is up to the party members to hold their feet to the fire!

We know Harper has said he will change Canada so even the Liberals (and by default, the rest of us) will not recognize it.  Using the party of 5 Western Conservative Governments to hijack parliament, they will do just that!

A vote for Conservatives anywhere in Canada at this point in time is simply irresponsible!

The Conservatives put through legislation unchallenged by the NDP or the Libs that put the issue of Bulk Water export into the hands of the Provinces.  This is really sad because it makes no distinction between the surface water and our water aquifers which, Alberta is set to export.

Peoples all over the planet are fighting to protect their ground water from export; not so this crew!

It is plain that neither the NDP or the Liberals can live with any level of accountability.

We are so in for a rough ride!
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