Sunday, July 11, 2010

Water export on the agenda for all Provinces!

We have conservatives in power from shore to shore; the flood gates are about to open and your cost of living is to make a dramatic increase.

Danny Williams is asking for permits to ship bulk water from a pristine lake in PEI to the US. Harper is thinking about it.

On June 16the the Western Premiers met in Vancouver. Their agenda primary was environment, energy and the economy. Campbell also said "There will also be a focus on water and how to manage and conserve what Campbell called a "critical component of all activities" in Canada.

Read more: Western premiers meet in B.C.

After this meeting BC announced building a new dam on the Peace River.

It is my thought that BC is going to build the dam, Alberta is going to build the pipeline and Saskatchewan, and the NWT are going to split the profits.

If this goes through it means Alberta will further reduce the oil royalty close to zero and Albertans will be paying 30 to 50 times more for their water based on California prices.

Remember the higher they can push your water utility prices the more the exporters can collect from the US.
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